Daniel Corleone's Movie Review of Boyhood

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Boyhood review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 03/26/15

" I just feel like there are so many things that I could be doing and probably want to be doing that I'm just not." This this one line alone lets you know this picture is special. One of the most authentic and well-written films that this critic has ever seen. The music was just spotless and likewise provocative as its creative writing. Artists were realistic and cinematography just gorgeous. It was like watching Truman Show for Mason but without the humor. Arquette and Hawke were solid as always but the gamebreaker was Ellar Coltrane. So many life related lines like: "You know how everyone's always saying seize the moment? I don't know, I'm kind of thinking it's the other way around, you know, like the moment seizes us." by Nicole, "You don't want the bumpers, life doesn't give you bumpers." from Mason's dad and his mom "You know what I'm realizing? My life is just going to go. Like that. This series of milestones." You get a myriad of personalities on this film such as the selfish sister Samantha, the doubtful and lost Mason, the unlucky in love smart mother and the cool, realistic happy go lucky given another chance to bring-up another family. Watching this picture is like reflecting on your childhood and current state because it dealt with so many topics like alcoholism, relationships, struggles of life, acceptance, identity, parenthood and friendships.

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