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Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 04/16/13

Guy Fleegman: "Did you guys ever watch the show?" There are instances were the obsession crosses reality. Prime examples would be the cult following of Fight Club, Star Wars and Star Trek. The latter, being a direct homage to the popular show, was really well directed. Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) is the egoistic commander Peter Quincy Taggart, the captain of the Protector. He encounters fans which in fact are real aliens seeking help from Sarris, who threatens the race of the Thermian people. Screenplay didn't feel forced or coy, with a few provocative lines: "It's the simple things in life you treasure." - Fred "I could try." - Tommy "Never give-up. Never surrender." - Mathesar/Jason. Has some cheese factor, a few flaws (gun at the end when it was destroyed, no scratches on the ship despite the rugged first attempt, etc) and the idea have having a real space conquest mirrored portion of episodes from a TV show was difficult to swallow. Still the score, humor, realistic settings, special effects and action provided exhilarating entertainment. Galaxy Quest is a good comedy sci-fi about having a loyal fan base, adventure, reality vs. fiction, creating friends and courage.

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