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The Straight Story

The Straight Story review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 11/05/12

A story of Alvin Straight who sacrifices his time and money to visit an ailing brother. Personally, this rater can relate to the experience of Alvin, who had a falling out with a brother. Breathtaking cinematography, endearing score, skillful direction and a sincere/touching performance from Richard Farnsworth. Alvin (Richard Farnsworth) is a World War II veteran who would like to see his brother in Wisconsin. He will travel alone on a Lawn tractor with food and a travel trailer. Splendid screenplay with lines from Alvin - "...still at my age I've seen about all that life has to dish out. I know to separate the wheat from the chaff, and let the small stuff fall away." and " My brother and I said some unforgivable things the last time we met, but, I'm trying to put that behind me... and this trip is a hard swallow of my pride." The Straight Story is one of the best paced films and authentic from Lynch which clearly expresses how the wisdom of an old man, importance of family and making amends can be so powerfully displayed.

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