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Mysterious Skin

Mysterious Skin review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 11/02/12

A story about loss of innocence, family discord, poor parental guidance, disconnection, finding identity and coping in a cruel world. Brian is searching for clues about his past while Neil is searching for his personality and trying to make it big outside his town. Tremendous performances especially from the young Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Soundtrack and settings for each timeframe realistic. Only knack this reviewer had were the love scenes that seem to be excessive to make its point that it becomes disturbing. True the character needs to feel hardships during his journey, does it need to be over emphasized in brutal scenes. The lack of finality in Trachtenberg's character was another hindrance to keep things in pace though it obviously focuses on the male leads. Mysterious Skin is a provocative drama that doesn't need much analysis since the screenplay was effective in relaying its messages, execution was well crafted and just proves Gordon-Levitt as a talented individual who will go miles in his career especially the scripts that he selects.

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