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Storytelling review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 05/30/12

A film which is somewhat similar to American Beauty, with less humor. Vi (Selma Blair) has problems with her boyfriend, who has cerebral palsey, Marcus (Leo Fitzpatrick). Mr. Scott (Robert Wisdom) meets Vi in a bar and has an affair. Marty’s son is troubled while Toby Oxman (Paul Giamatti) creates a documentary on suburban lifestyles. Toby approaches Marty’s (John Goodman) family. A troubled Scooby Livingston (Mark Webber) is forced to take the SAT’s. Screenplay was exceptional such as quotes from Marty Livingston - "Life's...not...fair!” “Stop trying to impose YOUR misery on everybody else. "Oh, life is bad. Life is horrible." Life is tough on you, well, boo-hoo.” Mikey – “People who are bad should be killed.” Storytelling is a brilliantly directed film about troubled youth who needs direction (Scooby), depression (Brady’s incident), oppression (Consuelo), conceit (Mikey), abuse of power (Mr. Scott), death and relationships (Vi/Marcus).

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