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Rope review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/21/12

Brandon Shaw (Dall) and Phillip Morgan (Granger) strangles David to death. They still continue with the party for Mr .Kentley. Publisher Rupert Cadell (Stewart) suspects something and discusses about murder. Screenplay was well written with the following quotes: Janet – “There is a reason for everything.” “He’s never late.” Rupert –“You murdered! You choked the life out of a fellow human being who could live and love as you never could, and never will again!” “This world and the people in it have always been dark and incomprehensive to me.” “Did you think you were God Brandon.” “It’s what society is going to do.” Brandon – “We all do strange things in our childhood.” Its score was apt for certain scenes and the acting was good. Rope is one of the director’s well crafted pictures utilizing a single location, brilliant camerawork, positioning it at the back of the person responsible until the discovery of the body and its witty conclusion.

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