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Princess Mononoke ( Mononoke-hime )

Princess Mononoke review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/16/12

The multiawarded and critically acclaim animated for adults only presents a wonderful story. A giant boar-demon attacks an Emishi village. Prince Ashitaka (Yōji Matsuda) kills the beast but becomes infected which makes him become evil. Ashitaka meets San (Yuriko Ishida) and sees a tree spirit that guides his way. Lady Eboshi shows how town works to defend the village of Iron Town. Toki, one of the villagers, is enamored by Ashitaka. San and Lady Eboshi fight, both stunned by Ashitaka. He is shot but still walks with San on his shoulders. The boars meet San, Moro and Ashitaka. Moro explains Ashitaka about San and the deaths to come.

Sensational screenplay with a few thought provoking lines: Wise woman – “You cannot alter your fate, Prince.” Prince Ashitaka – “What I want is for the humans and the forest to live in peace!” “How much pain and hatred do we need?” A bandaged villager - “The world is cursed but you find reasons to keep living.” Its violence and blood is for mature audiences and will definitely scare of the little ones. The details such as the rays of the sun, drops of water from the wet forest, shadows and water flowing from the river were spectacular. Having loads of symbolism's, majestic score, stunning visuals, vibrant humor added with sincere and likable characters; this is definitely one of the best animated films created. Princess Mononoke shines with a mixture of topics involves such as humanity, loyalty, nature and friendship.

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