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Dr. No

Dr. No review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/26/11

John Strangways, the British Intelligence (SIS) Station Chief in Jamaica was killed and his body taken by a trio of assassins known as the "Three Blind Mice". Sylvia Trench meets James Bond in a Casino. He travels to Jamaica and grills Mr. Jones and searches Commander Strangeways. Bond meets Felix, a CIA agent and Dr. Dent to find out more about Strangeways samples. The professor tries to kill Bond but was unlucky. He comes across Honey on a beach while both are captured by Dr. No’s men. Dr. no has plans for world domination while Bond wants to avenge the death of Quarrel and Strangeways.

The girl with the camera and dancing shows how dated the film is. Bonds conversation with Honey tends to drag. Hard to see 007 without any gadgets and lack of Q, same goes for a more vicious adversary. Pace of the film is decent while the action was slow compared to the other Bond films. An example is how easily Dr. No was killed. The one liners of Bond were not as effective and dialogues were not impressive. Dr. No is a decent action flick which has created a whole franchise and image of the charming but deadly James Bond.

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