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From Russia with Love

From Russia With Love review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/09/11

M sends 007 to Istanbul to meet station head Ali Kerim Bey to spy on the Soviets while Q introduces Bond's nifty paraphernalia. The belly dancing seemed to run too long. Vavra thanks Bond for saving his life. Tania informs Bond about the Lektor cryptographic device. Grant divulges to Bond that SPECTRE was behind in letting the Soviets and the British go against each other. Rosa Klebb tries to steal the Lektor. Had gorgeous cinematography, story fast paced, witty lines, wonderful locations, numerous gadgets and believable action. Unfortunately its effects seem dated and the score a bit sleepy, but overall From Russia with Love is definitely one of the best Bond films created. The reviewer sights this as one of its personal favorites.

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