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Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/07/11

A President was killed in Rwanda and a war between the Tutsi and Hutu’s erupts. He negotiates with Capt. to keep the Tutsi captives alive for 100,000 francs. Mr. Daglish (Phoenix) takes footage of the massacre while 10 UN Belgian soldiers were killed. Paul takes in refugees in the Mille Collines Hotel. All foreign nationals have orders to leave the country. Sabena Airlines President Mr. Tillens (Jean Reno) helps the situation in Rwanda. Canadian Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte) helps Paul Rusesabagina’s (Don Cheadle) family escape the violence. Some memorable lines: Paul – “Family is all that matters.” General – “May we all find peace.” A survivor says “Thank you for saving our lives.” Dube - “Why are people so cruel?”

Sensational screenplay and a harrowing score were used for the sensitive picture. Subjects of genocide (more than 1million corpses left), harsh violence, human compassion (1268 refugees sheltered by Paul) and hope were presented. Special features were wonderful as the real Paul Rusesabagina speaks during the making featurette. Hotel Rwanda is an inspirational dramatic film with realistic acting and a vital message that can be practiced by every country regardless of nationality.

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