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Old School review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 08/29/11

Most star studded casts fail due to a weak script, over acting or just having minute parts. The film segregates the roles beautifully. Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson) becomes a head of a fraternity with the aid of the resourceful best-friend Bernard and eclectic Frank (Will Ferrell). Ferrell was made for his role and unfortunately no female character was very memorable. So many cameos and characters and yet everything fell in place. A few killer lines from the fun flick - Bernard Campbell - "What about Mitch here? He saw the wheels come off his life, guys. His whole world crumbled. Now he's the Godfather." Frank 'The Tank' Ricard - "All we are is dust in the wind..." "Were GOIN STREAKING!!" The film boasts a killer soundtrack ranging from Metallica, to Snoop to Simon & Garfunkel. One of the rare comedies with a good plot and engaging premise. Has so many hilarious moments and memorable scenes. I never laughed so hard, last time was probably when I viewed Borat. Old School does justice as to how comedy should be.

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MovieAddict - wrote on 03/11/12 at 08:31 PM CT

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Just watched this one on TBS....I was gonna pass on it but then I read your review and decided to give it a chance....am glad I did....I have not laughed that hard in some time!!

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