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Up (2009)

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/30/11

Who would ever though that an animated film can be so dramatic? The film starts with Carl Fredricksen and Ellie as childhood sweethearts. They both share similar ambitions which is the aviator Charles Muntz and flight. The adventure begins when Carl and Russell goes to Paradise Falls. Its’ premise of the story is good, the father son like relationship, reaching for your dreams and being persistent as Russell. The only that still bothers me is the realism of the film. Yes it is animated; the idea of a house flying and navigating it just escapes me. There were a few dismal moments where you think, how can an old man do this? How smart was the bird? There were some depressing parts as well which may assist in the story to make it effective, still there could have been changes to make it more upbeat. Up trued to be humorous in some way, but the mood of the first scene just created that tone although out. The dogs made me laugh more than some of the main characters. I have no complaints about the characters; musical background and lessons, there were just a few aspects that just didn’t make it for me. I still give it a good score because of the uniqueness and morale of the story.

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