Jacob Zembower's Movie Review of The Innocents (1961)

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The Innocents (1961)

beneath the weeping willow
Jacob Zembower - wrote on 09/11/14

One of the greatest psychological horror films of all time. The Innocents is so elegantly creepy, sometimes downright chilling, and features some the greatest editing and black and white photography you'll ever see. Deborah Kerr gives a marvelous performance, as she slowly descends in madness, are the spirits real? Or is it just her imagination? The child actors also deliver great performances as well, they are as creepy and calculating as can be, and never come across amateurish or hard to believe. A film very ahead of time (a certain shocking kiss baffles as to how it was even able to get released back in 61.) On top of all of this, The Innocents still holds up today when it comes to a thick and sinister atmosphere, and more than a few downright haunting sequences. A classic if there ever was one.

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