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The Departed

An infernal affair
Bribaba - wrote on 05/03/11

The worst film from Scorcese in what has been a distinguished career, not least because it belongs to a genre in which he usually excelled. It's tempting to think how this would have been viewed had it not been a remake - a comparison with the original film does it no favours.

The scenery chewing actors help sink the enterprise, especially Nicholson who seems to think it appropriate to reprise his role as The Joker from Batman. And then there is the ludicrous ending, all the more so when compared to the slick coherence of Andy Lau's film. But nowhere is the Hollywood thinking more apparent then in the way the role of the psychologist has changed. In the first film she was a neutral character, but now she has to be the 'love interest'. The title of the film could easily be an ironic reference to the talent Scorcese once had, perhaps it's the memory of this that led the Academy to award him an Oscar because, on its merits, a raspberry would have been more apt.

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folsomcounty - wrote on 02/08/12 at 10:46 PM CT

The Departed Review comment

Seems you have more of a problem with its differences with the first film than anything else. Perhaps a fresh viewing without the original in mind will do this justice. Or not.

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