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A Mighty Wind

The Brilliance of Guest
donkeyknight - wrote on 06/06/11

It is hard to rank the three Christopher Guest helmed mockumentaries individually; they are a triology-they must be viewed together to appreciate their full brilliance. Comedically, they really paved the way for The Office. After much thought, I declare Mighty Wind the best, because it really builds to a rallying conclusion, capturing your heart in the process. It is Eugene Levy's finest hour. But Waiting for Guffman is the funniest. Corky St. Clair is one of the most brilliant creations of all time. Hilarious lampooning of local theater. To say Best in Show is the weakest of the bunch would be a terrible insult. It too earns an honor, for the funniest single lines. This is the movie that made me laugh out loud the most, especially Michael Hitchcock (who I think is the most underrated of Guest's troupe) and Parker Posey's Starbucks-rendezvousing catalog people. And "snow peas." The bonus features on these DVDs are excellent. I love, love, love these movies. Here's hoping for more from Mr. Guest

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