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No Time to Die

The Time of My Life
SIngli6 - wrote on 11/29/21

I love Bond. Have always done, ever since I was seven and watched Goldfinger on Channel Ten for the first time. I'll never forget how that film made me maddeningly desperate to remain in that world of suave sophistication, thrilling action, and exotic locations. It just ignited something within me; a spark that I've coaxed into an inferno of discipleship for one of the longest and most enduring franchises in film history.

But also as a lover of the craft of film itself, I can't really say there's ever been a perfect, five star Bond movie. I think one day there will be, but No Time to Die is not it. But who cares? This film rocks! It stays true to the emotional and thematic journey of Bond as depicted through the previous Craig outings while injecting some much needed panache back into the formula. It's a brisk film, despite its near three hour runtime, with a lot of story squeezed in. Occasionally you wonder if the film will be overwhelmed by its large cast of characters and fastidious attention to tying up loose ends, but the pace finds moments to breath, letting the enormity of everything you're watching actually register.

Maybe I'm just so happy right now because it's been such a long wait and I'm such an enormous fan of Craig's tenure as Bond. Maybe I'm wearing rose-tinted glasses. I don't care. I love the respect this film has for the story the previous films were telling, I love the attention to detail in how it looks back through the past of this great franchise, and I love how fun this film is!

I'm just... so happy.

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