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SIngli6 - wrote on 01/06/19

What an absolutely diabolical waste of time. The themes Darren Aronofsky wishes to explore here (environmentalism, the morality of the divine mandate, man's nature) are substantial, which makes his utter inability to even begin chewing the massive chunk of biblical text he bit off all the more apparent. The story of Noah does not need to be contorted into a tale of one man's struggle between love of family and love of God. For starters, the story of Abraham and Isaac is literally about that and is in the same bloody book.

The fact everyone in the cast plays this truly epic tale with the emotional investment of a Star Wars prequel character really tells you everything you need to know about the daftness of the screenplay and the production design. I have no idea why the angels are rocks now, and I'm pretty sure no one else involved in the production knew either. Even Aronofsky probably only thinks he knows.

Thankfully, Darren explored all the themes featured in this film masterfully in his next feature, 'mother!', but needless to say the sins of his past will never leave my memory.

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