Armando Sanchez's Movie Review of Bad Teacher

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Bad Teacher

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 11/18/11

Now i really did like this was funny and entertaining.the thing is that the film is too fast,doesn't take time for the me i look at this movie as a bunch of mishief going on,with the Bad Teacher,played by Cameron Diaz happening to be involved or the causer of them.the film could have been better,way i watched this film,i felt they really did rush with the screenplay,thinking they would make a quick buck quick,now yeah the film grossed over $200,000.000 so yeah it sure was a big hit,but not with the me the film could have used better jokes,as i felt some where just plain stupid and some didn't even seem to fit the film.but the film was still pretty funny,not a bad film,but not a good one's an okay film.the reason why I give it a pretty good grade is becuase the film was pretty funny and cameron diaz's performance was hilarious and unforgetable.

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