Jeremy's Movie Review of Mulholland Drive

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Mulholland Drive

Is this the real life... is it just fantasy?
Jeremy - wrote on 01/24/11

Above is really the only question you should always be asking yourself while watching this movie. Mulholland Drive is truly one of the few masterpieces in David Lynch's inconsistent career. Originally a TV pilot, David Lynch reshot and restructured this film to give it a whole new twist in order to show the dark underworld that Hollywood has created within it's people. Starting off with a manic swing-dance-off, followed by a abnormally dark trek along the back roads of Hollywood, Mulholland Drive thoroughly keeps is viewers off balance from beginning to end. With excellent performances and bizarre dialogue, Lynch expertly blends the surreal, the comic, the abnormal, the mysterious, and the thrilling in this one of a kind dream-scape. While it makes very little sense the first time around, one should never be afraid to go back and visit. You may find yourself lost in the Lynchian nightmare that is Mulholland Drive.

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