Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Training Day

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Training Day

Effective Crime thriller
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 09/01/09

An effective film that holds your attention throughout. Entertaining and interesting to watch the training of a narcotics cop, although unrealistic in some scenes for sure it holds your attention is acted and shot well. That is all that needs to be known because this is one best watched with just the idea of what its about in your head but not intricate plot details which help it to stay interesting.

Oscar Win Denzel Washington Best Actor 3/5- He is very over the top as the corrupt narcotics cop which works effectively enough. He does not give a deep or subtle performance but a good villain performance. He is not entertaining as some other villians in film but he still is pretty good.

Oscar nomination Ethan Hawke Best Supporting Actor 3/5- A lead performance in actuality but he is a good responsive performance to the utter craziness around him. He stays mostly subtle an restrained which plays effectively against Washington's over the topness. There is nothing overly special in this but he fully does the job.

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