Katie D.'s Movie Review of Batman & Robin

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Batman & Robin

Bad Batman Movie
Katie D. - wrote on 10/18/10

Ugh, so disappointed. What the heck happened here?! This movie had so much potiental to be amazing and it failed, majorly. We're introduced to Robin and Batgirl, both who are just terrible. I couldn't stand Robin and don't even get me started about how angry I am that they screwed up Babs story. Then we're introduced to far too many villians to fit into one solid movie. That was another problem. We had to juggle between Two-Face (who I liked), Poison Ivy (ah, so-so), and Dr. Freeze (blaaah). All three villains barely get any screen time so we don't find out much about them. That angered me because both Dr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were origin stories as well and they just skimmed over it.

Overall, terrible movie. I really only gave it a star and a half because I'm obsessed with the Batverse. Stay away from this movie. It's horrible. Made me angry throughout the entire movie.

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