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Scream 4

Meta Horror Flick that Amuses Throughout!!
quarterback98 - wrote on 04/17/11

11 years later after the last film, it's still worth a fun trip to travel back to Woodsboro and see who makes it out alive. And, the twist ending completely shocked me, I didn't see it coming. There is so much more comedy in this than it's predecessors which just makes it more enjoyable. It has a fairly slow pace to begin with but picks it up near the end making it much better. Reflections of the original installment can be seen with the characters of Robby & Charlie clearly being modernized versions of Randy Meeks. The killers (whose names I will not reveal) were very good, even if one was a bit too cruel. In one scene, you see Charlie taped to a chair outside the patio doors whilst Kirby is answering questions given by the killer in order to save him, this scene being a clear reflection of the opening of the original Scream, which involved Steven Orth & Casey Becker in the same situation. If you enjoyed previous installments, then you will love this meta horror flick that expands the story to give one of the most enjoyable movie events of the year!

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