Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Has a Certain Campiness
Franz Patrick - wrote on 09/15/08

I find this zombie film interesting because it’s more disgusting than scary. Although it has its gasp-out-loud moments, they are balanced with dark humor that can be found in the characters’ idiosyncrasies. I haven’t seen the original “Dawn of the Dead” (at the time I was writing this review) so I can’t compare this to that one. However, I like the certain campiness that this picture has because once it gets amusing, the real horror pops out of nowhere. There are two most memorable scenes for me: the beginning when Sarah Polley wakes up as a zombie enters her home and the ending when everyone makes their escape despite an ocean of the undead. I also enjoyed the commentaries about individualism, abortion, and capital punishment. All of those issues were deftly sewn into the film. My main problem with it is the middle: the filmmakers spent too much time observing the characters’ idle days instead of delivering consistent shocks that the audience crave. Still, this is not a bad remake; it actually made me want to watch the original.

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