mitchellyoung's Movie Review of Project X (2012)

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Project X (2012)

Empty and Pointless (And Mostly Unfunny) Movie
mitchellyoung - wrote on 07/19/12

What a horrible film, through and through. And yet, with some important tweaks, it could have been great. What follows is no insightful social commentary or smart satire or simply lovable gross-out comedy. Project X fails not only on a thematic level, but also as a well-made movie, or a funny comedy. The three lead characters are thin caricatures of characters from past teen comedies, but, beyond a few establishing traits, we never get the chance to connect with them or care about them. Thus, when the mayhem begins, it's just that - soulless mayhem without point or consequence. Seeing a group of drunken high schoolers hook up, do drugs, break property, and eventually get beanbagged by police in riot gear is neither funny nor interesting after a while. If there is a plus, it's that music video director Nima Nourizadeh does skillfully capture the wild and kinetic energy of the party. It's the growing swell of the party - from a few people to a full blown 1500 person bash - that works the best, but, again, it's not accompanied by any story or themes worth noting.

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