Nick's Movie Review of Halloween II (2009)

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Halloween II (2009)

Halloween 2 Review
Nick - wrote on 03/21/10

Where to start with this film? Tyler Mane comes back and delivers a fantastic performance as Michael Myers but it stops there. This movie was made quickly and wasen't cared much about. But it will pass in my book I do think its better than the orginal sequel. If I had to think of another good performance it would be Brad Dourif. He did great come to think of it. I wish he would have done this great in the first Halloween but he made a quick u-turn and did great in Halloween 2. So the best performances worth seeing in this movie are Tyler Mane and Brad Dourif. Scout Taylor Compton did below ok this time. She went down instead of up. Malcolm McDowell was the biggest let down of the whole thing Rob Zombie did terrible with Dr. Loomis in this film felt more like he was a author and not a doctor at all. I didn't like the scenes where Michael was seeing his mom because that was a rip off of Jason Voorhees. So all in all see the movie because what you want to see is Michael you get a great amount of him doing what he does best killing people in brutal ways.

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