Rod's Movie Review of The Florida Project

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The Florida Project

"And I'm the one who's unfit?"
Rod - wrote on 09/03/18

It reminded me of all the silly things I did when I was a child. It was a good film looking back to a child's mischief and little adventures until I realized it was actually more of the mother's story. Introduced likable characters and reflects real-life situation. I knew from the first five minutes of the film that I was practically watching a Wes Anderson film, with the color, the symmetry, panning, the comedic element, and the father issue, but all of these MORE ORGANIC. Half of the film I felt like nothing is really happening, no explicit conflict, i figured out that climax isn't coming soon. But that was not a problem because I enjoyed knowing the characters, and I appreciate the build-up. Everything went well until that minute right before the black-out and the credits. I was ready to give this film a perfect rating but some films just fail to finish strong.

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