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No Escape (2015)

"I killed someone."
Rod - wrote on 07/06/18

Wow! A political-thriller which kept me on the edge of my seat and my hands rustling my hair. Interesting subject: An american, with his family, moves to a South-East Asian country and find themselves in the middle of a coup with them being the target on the on the F*CKING SECOND DAY! I love how this film is rich with multiple perspectives, having the rebels crying "Blood For Water" and an innocent American family who happened to be there just for "work". I see it as (1) a message to the violent rebels that they are [at times] crossing the line victimizing the innocent ones, and (2) a message to people who simply thought that their invention will help people, but in reality, manipulated by their government and capitalist giants to cause suffering to more vulnerable people.

Also, I find it ironic to see American family caught in the middle of grave danger been [practically] saved by the Vietnamese.

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