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After Earth

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Rod - wrote on 08/22/13

Set in a time when Earth is an unfamiliar and dangerous place as humans moved to Nova Prime (mankind's new home), a father and his son found themselves in an adventure challenging their personal relationships and their duties to humanity.

DISAPPOINTED. The movie was very promising yet nothing happened. I did not feel the climax, I did not feel any thrill. What I felt was these father and son in real life attempting to make a great movie but their efforts weren't good enough. How I wished Will Smith made so much MORE action than just sitting in a spaceship dying and HELPLESSLY HELPING his son out in the wild.
The story is touching but it fell very short, I thought there were so much to talk about but they refused to and focused on something that audience obviously didn't like at all.
Smiths' performances were just fine, expected more from the younger Smith though.

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