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Pitch Perfect

We all love "The Cup" sequence... ♥
Rod - wrote on 04/14/13

An aspiring disc jockey, Beca, enters school with music on her mind. But she never thought of joining an a cappella group until she finds herself in an all-female one.


Fine. The voices are all cute and really entertaining, but we have to admit that this movie did not offer something BIG (except fat amy, lol, btw I love her!). Plus, isn't it obvious that the "a cappella" songs are somewhat mixed with some accompaniment, especially the last performance.

ANNNA KENDRICK. I was really surprised although I heard she is really talented, I just never thought she could sing. I knew her as the girl from twilight but obviously, she as "Beca" is WAY BETTER ACTRESS than the one who played "Bella".

I did not expect for a good turn out of the story, how it would end. BUT MAN, IF I WAS ONE OF THE JUDGES ***SPOILER ALERT*** , THE GUYS WOULD WIN WITH A BIG MARGIN!

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