Rod's Movie Review of The Time Traveler's Wife

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The Time Traveler's Wife

One Good Sci-Fi Drama
Rod - wrote on 10/12/12

Henry is a time traveler who cannot control his travelling either on past or future. His condition complicates his relationship with his wife whom he sees from her past and her future.
Hearing good feedbacks of this film, I thought I would be disappointed when I saw it. Finally, I saw the film and I must say that I definitely liked it! The concept was great with good execution, I never got lost on time switching as Henry was traveling back and forth on past and future. However, while watching the film, I was not really happy about the actors choice. Not because I hate Eric Bana or Rachel McAdams, but I thought there could be other actors somewhere who could portray the roles better. In addition, though there are several good twists on the film, those were all predictable. Plus, I hate ***SPOILER ALERT*** how Henry died.

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