Rod's Movie Review of Thor

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A pleasant surprise
Rod - wrote on 10/11/11

"Thor" is the successor of the throne of Asgard, but because of his arrogance and greediness, his father exiled him to the planet Earth and only can return to their world when he learned how a real king should act.


I don't know why I did underestimate this film, first teaser I saw of this film turned me off to the extent. I thought it would be just another wasted highly-budgeted film. BUT NOW, I AM COMPLETELY WRONG. This film is not bad at all. What bothered me while watching this movie is the costume and the set, it appeared very funny to me, yeah, that's all. The rest are fine, I love to see Natalie Portman, I think Chris Hemsworth done it well, but the character I love most is Loki (Tom Hiddleston). First time he appears on the film, you can already extract his character, the suspicion and sympathy at same time. And I also love the humor incorporated in this film, very well.

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