Nerva's Movie Review of The Time Traveler's Wife

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The Time Traveler's Wife

Amazingly Excelent
Nerva - wrote on 04/14/10

Amazing movie. One of the most original things I've seen in a long long time. I don't usually like romance movies but this was really something else. It brought so much more to than just the romance. The story is excellently told, while the man is the lead it follows more of the woman's time line which really, in order to understand you'd have to watch the movie which I highly recommend. This was something I rented was I had exhausted just about all other options on new releases and had to settle for this one, I was quite surprised, definitley not what I was expecting. The acting was excellent Eric Bana was amazing, I really couldn't imagine anyone else being able to pull this off like he did. I really wouldn't classify this as sci-fi at all, it's sci-fi in the sense Benjamin Button was except it doesn't suck balls. If it were up to me this would be movie of the year, just when you think they've told every story you could imagine they come out with something so original it's really refreshing.

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