TheWolf's Movie Review of Old Yeller

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Old Yeller

Classic Disney
TheWolf - wrote on 12/21/07

This is still one of my favorite live action Disney movies ever. The story is essentially a kids western film. Our tale opens in Texas, 1860. Jim Coates was going on a cattle drive and leaving his eldest son Travis in charge. He promised to bring his son a horse when he returns.Then that afternoon while Travis was plowing, a yellow dog came tearing through the fields and spooked the mule dragging Travis behind it as it ran. ravis chased the dog out of the yard, thinking it was gone for good. But it wasn't. Travis' brother Arliss found the dog and became friends with it.
The rest of the movie is Travis coming to appreciate the dog, and the various scenarios that they get into until the father returns from the cattle drive.
This is a classic film, and I'm one that will still watch it when I see it on Disney every so often.

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