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Hercules (1997)

Another Great 2D Disney Movie
TheWolf - wrote on 08/04/07

"Hercules" is an excellent film, probably the last great Disney film that didn't involve Pixar. The writers did a great job with Hercules. Most of the past movies about Hercules made him a macho, invincible brute, but Disney's "Hercules" actually gives him some personality and achieves a more likable character, and this makes him a very deep, rather insecure, unlikely hero. The story of his quest to become a true hero is well done. Danny DeVito is funny and likable as the grumpy Phil. Megara, played excellently by Susan Egan, is a very good female lead. She could have easily been just a flaky love interest for Hercules, but instead, they made her a strong, independent character. However, the character who really steals the show has to be Hades. He is one of the best Disney villains I've ever seen. He is unmistakeably evil, yet rather calm about it , and also very funny. The character design for him was quite well- done, and James Woods is incredible at doing his voice, going from calm to menacing to completely enraged effortlessly.

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