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Ice Age

Looks like they left me behind again. Who needs em
TheWolf - wrote on 07/27/07

Around the same time that Dreamworks decided to get into the 3D Animation game a little company called Bluesky decided that it would also give it a go. The time to create Ice age took longer than it took Dreamworks to create shrek simply beacuse of the ammount fo fur and the environmental textures that were being applied. The render times on these were huge, and if you watch the special features and see the out takes where things went wrong, then you can see how things get affected by minor mistakes or improper calculations, and then the scene has to be re-rendered taking even more time to fix the problem.
Ice Age was a great concept for the time that it was released. The out come was a brilliant design in beautiful environments. I really enjoyed this movie a lot, and the vocal talents were a great choice!

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