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28 Weeks Later

Ok but not as nearly good as the original.
TheWolf - wrote on 07/27/07

This one was ok, I still prefer the original because it was what built up the story. This one just didn't seem to have the same bite (no pun intended) as the original. There were many scenes that were right in line with the spirit of the original movie but it didn't hold up as well as I thought it could have. The biggest things that I think kept this movie from hitting its ultimate potential would be the following:
1) Different Director - when you change directors in a series of movies it almost always causes problems with the series. This is usually because there is a different crew that the director works with, different screen writers etc.
2) Different Cast - Aside from the obvious reasons for a new cast, the original movie has a mostly lesser or unknown cast. When you have a hit with a cast that most people don't know from other films then you can be making a big mistake by creating a sequel starring some mainstream actors.
3) The original was a foreign film from the UK... start the movie in one place and then taking the sequel and giving it to a different country to work on doesn't usually work.

Honestly this movie was ok, but could have really been better. I say stick to the original.

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