Zombified's Movie Review of Elf

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Good Holiday Movie
Zombified - wrote on 12/28/09

Elf was great to watch the first time, but after watching more than once, the movie gets old.

The story is unique, following a human that was born and raised in the Santa elf world. After finding out who is father is, he goes to New York and he's forced to adapt in with the humans after being an elf for so long. There were scenes of hilarity that I enjoyed, but there was also enough drama to keep the movie balanced.

Along with the great story was characters, some a little more bland than others. There was some moments in the film that made the characters seem different, out of place, which made certain seems very good, but others seem out of place in the film. Other scenes in the film were memorable and funny, including the singing in the shower scene.

Overall, Elf is a good holiday movie, but I wouldn't watch it outside the holidays. The movie would get old, and I would be tired of seeing the same hilarity over and over again.

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