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The Exorcist

never played with a ouiji board because of this
phantom - wrote on 02/19/13

watched this for the first time this weekend, preparing myself to be thoroughly petrified, I braced myself for some scary stuff... that never really happened.
No I don't watch horror movies so I'm pretty much a wuss, but still, not freaked out by this one. I'm sure this was pretty disturbing in 1973, but it just isn't in 2013
The movie had entirely too much exposition. It could have easily been a half hour shorter. The beginning of the movie shows Max Von Sydow at an archaeological dig in Iraq. Why is this scene in the movie??? Other characters say he'd been there, we don't need to see it.
I'm sure there's stuff in the book that makes some of the weird scenes make more sense, but as a movie there was just to much that just never got resolved.
And if one is a fan of Max Von Sydow, I'm afraid you'll be gravely disappointed, as he (the title character) is hardly in the movie.
Honestly the most disturbing thing about the movie was the everything Linda Blair went thru, which as I understand it, still plagues her back.

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