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Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean Was A Rebel Without a Cause
Sebman - wrote on 05/22/14

Rebel without a cause was a film in 1955, that had one of the most influential stars of all time, James Dean. While the movie is film of the times, I feel is one that I can't help but love the story and the characters that the film focuses on. Nicholas Ray is the person that helmed this project, and he knows to show a true depiction of teenagers. I saw this a couple of months and it hit me, how much I saw what everyone is suffering from at the time, the idea of loneliness, trying to fit in, making friends, these are topics that Rebel without a cause doesnt shy away from. Other players in this magnificent film is Natalie Wood, as Judy. Natalie gives an astounding performance as Judy, she shows the suffering that she has to deal with in her home life, but also in her school life. Sal Mineo, is someone that I wish had a much bigger acting career than he did. Sal plays Plato, he is a confused kid, his parents don't love him, and he does not have many friends. His performance is both scary and sad, he gives it his all, so much that he was nominated for his performance. Ernest Haller was the cinematographer of this film, and it looks gorgeous, great use of colors, lighting and style that the film has is startling to say the least. Finally I want to speak about is James Dean, James Dean I feel gives it his all in this film that he does in East of Eden and Giant. I love James Dean as Jim Stark, he was likable and was charismatic, to me this was his performance that people recognizes his from, and it is ashamed that he never had a chance to work on another film due to his unfortunate death on September 30, 1955. I recommend everyone to watch this, and definitely get the special edition Dvd, there are a lot of great bonus features to check out

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