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Days of Heaven

Three People search for their "Days of Heaven"
Sebman - wrote on 05/22/14

Days of Heaven is one of those movies, where you can mute the movie, and enjoy the beauty of film, even though a big part of the film is the narration by Linda Manz. Days of Heaven is not a complicated plot, Bill (Richard Gere), accidentally kills a man and goes to Texas to find a better life. Bill goes with his lover Abby (Brooke Adams) and his younger sister Linda (who ultimately narrates the film, but is not essential to the plot otherwise). All three end up working in a farm owned by Sam Shepard, Sam Shepard is interested in Abby, and the plot goes from there. It's not the most interesting plot of the world, but one of the reason people should watch is the Cinematography by Nestor Almendros, and the music by Ennio Morricone. This is one of the few films by Terrence Malick that feels "natural" than any other of his films, especially from his narrator, who is giving monologues about her idea what is going on. There is many beautiful especially when it hits the end, when locusts starts to take over the fields, is something that I feel has never achieved that level of beauty ever in film. Days of heaven can be a bore sometimes, and it is sometimes hard to understand what everybody is saying, even the narrator can feel like she is drifting off from saying other words, but man this is a huge recommendation, I definitely ask people to watch it

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