Sebman's Movie Review of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Walk hard really hits you hard
Sebman - wrote on 10/12/09

Walk hard is one of those movies the bombed for no reason and should've have gotten a new life on it's own on dvd but didn't happen but I think that it is a really funny film that hits almost alot. Now this was directed by Jake Kasdan (Zero Effect, T.V. Set and Orange County) and compare to the other films he have made this must be his second best film. I enjoy zero effect a whole lot more, but going back to the review I think John C. Reily is hilarious in this film. I believe this was the perfect role from. This one really works for him (thin about do you think that Wll farrel will do anything better compare to John C. Reily). Everyone else though is funny Jenna Fischer is good, Tim Meadows is Hilarious and those famous cameos like Jack Black as Paul Mccartney or Paul Rudd as John Lennon. This film is a parody of musician Biopics and is really of how musicians go in the end. There some flaws some jokes miss lots of times, and maybe some times what this film could've been isn't at all but I did enjoy it.
The theatrical version 8.2
The unrated/director's cut 8.9

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