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The Final Destination (2009)

Destination Automatic
BryanFury - wrote on 09/10/09

I would have to agree with what the other reviewer has said, this one is probably the worst ever in every category possible. I was really optimistic seeing this hopefully last installment of a dying franchise which is ironically about death. I'm quite dumbfounded by the fact that they're way over their heads(the writers) making it about a race car track accident (oops spoiler alert) which is really not the best place to die. I mean they could have chosen a much better place say a train crash or something that would really tingle the backs of our spine. And I would even begin with the special effects, it's like the worst one could see at this age and time. Almost like looking into a really bad low budget flick of the early 90's. They even had a Forrest Gump effect which is a little bit distracting and in my opinion unnecessary. They also have taken the element of suspense out of the equation cause every time someone has to die it's almost automatic. For me I would want nothing more than to see those kids die swiftly and painless but for a FD movie it's gotta be something special not the normal type of stuff we had seen before. Last but not the least that acting part which for me is probably the one that could have made this movie any worst. I could have lived with a bad effects, bad story movie but bad acting too (nooooooo).

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