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The Plague (2005)

Clive Barker’s THE PLAGUE – A Review
Mr. E Horror - wrote on 09/07/09

This is a little movie that I have been meaning to watch for a while now, and it finally came on one of the movie channels on cable last night, so I took the opportunity to viddie it and found it quite the strange little film. This movie never really had a chance to be a force at the box office. It boasts a no name cast–okay, James Van Der Beek used to be a name–an unknown director and no real backing from a major studio. However, this film does have one thing going for it–Clive Barker.

When it comes to film, Clive Barker is spotty at best. He has been connected to some all right films: Hellraiser, Candyman, the fairly new The Midnight Meat Train. He has also been credited with some stinkers: Nightbreed (I actually like this film, but the overall opinion regarding this film is low), Rawhead Rex, Transmutations. Barker is still a big name in the horror world, and still is revered for his early to mid-eighties works.

The Plague is one of the eeriest films I have seen in a while. It is not scary, the plot is fairly non-exisitent, and the characters are fairly static. However, this film has that non-palpable, intriguing quality that propels the film along. I recommend watching it with the understanding that you are not watching a great film. It survives on its creepiness–its unnatural perversity that several scenes in particular have.

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