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Zombi 2

Zombie (a.k.a. Zombi 2) – With Best Scene Ever
Mr. E Horror - wrote on 08/26/09

As far as the 1970’s to early 80’s zombie fare goes, one could do a lot worse than Lucio Fulci. Granted, he is no George Romero, and I don’t think he comes close to equalling the overall goodness of THE LIVING DEAD AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE. However, Fulci has done something that none of his equals or even superiors have done and that is make a zombie fight a shark. Those of you who know this movie know what I am talking about. Like me, the first time you saw this scene you were probably too taken aback by it to fully appreciate it. Those who do not know this film, it is worth the watch if you are at all a zombie fan.

This film boasts the classic slow zombies that are intentful and single-minded. Ironically, the aqua-zombie moves faster in the water than on land. That is something Mr. Brooks must have left out of his survival guide: stay away from water because while you slow down, zombies speed up. Watch this movie because you love zombies, watch this film because you love Fulci, or simply watch this film because you want to see an underwater fight scene between a zombie and a shark. If that doesn’t grab you, you just may be a zombie yourself.

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