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And the winner of Grindhouse is...Planet Terror!
jmoney1776 - wrote on 11/02/07

Planet Terror, the fake trailers, and Kurt Russell get 4 stars from me. Unfortunately for them, the rest of Death Proof gets zero stars. Planet Terror is excatly what it should be. A crazy zombie movie featuring a girl with a machine gun leg and non-stop action. The fake trailers are awesome. Then comes Death Proof. A plodding bore fest from the man who's apparently the new king of plodding bore fests, Quentin Tarantino. More foot fetish crap, more pop culture references, and women empowerment. The kind of empowerment in which women leave their friends with strange men so that they can race a car because it reminds them of a movie. Yeah. All this wrapped up in with two action scenes comprising about 20 minutes of total film time. Kurt Russell is great. Unfortunately he's only in it for about 25 minutes. Death Proof is terrible. Planet Terror is great. 2 and a half stars to Grindhouse.

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