jmoney1776's Movie Review of Kill Bill: Volume 2

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Kill Bill: Volume 2

Kill Bill 2 can't seal the deal.
jmoney1776 - wrote on 11/02/07

Quentin Tarantino must have some sort of mind control powers. That's the only reason I can come up with as to why this film has the reviews that it does. This is one of the most boring, slow moving, and pointless movies to come out in a long time. I'll grant the supporters of this film this much. It is well made. Outside of technical mastery though it has nothing to offer. Lame performances, terrible re-hashed dialouge and plot lines from a hundred different movies, and David Carradine. I really wish that Tarantino would have just made the first part of this and left the ending a mystery. Or better yet, just made a different and better movie in general. I hoped that Tarantino would come slamming back after this with something better. Instead he gave us Death Proof which was even worse.

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