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Review - Mad Money (2008)
Delorted - wrote on 01/20/08

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you decided to just go for it? That’s just what Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) decided to do in “Mad Money.”

The story centers around three women, Bridget, Jackie Truman (Katie Holmes) and Nina Brewster (Queen Latifah), who work in a high security bank. One day Bridget gets the brilliant idea to steal dollar bills that are going to be shredded anyway and use them to pay off debts. The problem is, once you have an easy thing going, it’s really hard to stop, especially when money’s involved.

This movie would have probably been much better back in the 80’s when this sort of plot was the norm. Not to say I don’t think movies like this should be made today, but it probably would have just worked better. The real problem with this movie is that it’s just not interesting enough. The story is somewhat unique, but the characters are cliché for a “chick flick.” The writing also suffers because for some reason they decided this movie needed unnecessary political commentary.

Other than the aforementioned problems, the movie’s really not all that bad. There’re some problems with dialogue and the fact that there’s no way it could really happen, but it’s actually kind of a fun movie if only for one viewing. I don’t see myself renting it in the future.

“Mad Money” is a movie for people who like this sort of movie. I say wait for the DVD unless you’re a girl going with other girls (or forcing your husband along).

Acting: 7/10
Writing: 3/10
Video/Editing: 7/10
Audio/Music: 6/10
Entertainment: 6/10

Final Score: 5.8/10

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