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Disaster Duties
MovieGuy878 - wrote on 11/19/09

"2012" has been talked about for a while now since it's only 3 years away. So it is naturally fit to make a movie about the destruction of mankind in 2012. Well, there is no one probably more fitting to helm this film than disaster movie director, Roland Emmerich. While he has regain is footing and made a much better film than his last two efforts, he still can escape his own pitfalls that have hurt some of previous films. The thing Emmerich does so well is destroying the world, and boy does he do it here! "2012" contains some jaw-dropping, top notch diasaster scenes that are worth seeing just for them. What Emmerich doesn't so well is his attention to character developement and a story as powerful as the disasters. Emmerich tries here with the story and its characters but in end the film feels a little bit too cheesy with some character who had poor developement. I wouldve liked less cheese and more daring moves. Again, the writing fails thanks do some questionable dialouge, poor character developement, and some plot holes."2012" takes his Independence Day formula of big ensemble cast of different characters who colide somewhere at a point in the film.I wished some supporting characters had more attention payed to them than some of the major ones.

Luckly, this formula works from a talented and likeable cast. Some actors rise above the screenplay, but some cant.John Cusack is likeable as always as the lead but ive seen him do better. Same goes with most women of the film. Thandie Newton and Amanda Peet are talented actresses, yet they dont give memorable performances. Chiwetel does his best Jeff Goldblum from Independence Day, giving a good performance as a scientist who gets the lead on an impending events that are about to change the world. Other memorable performances are Thomas McCarthy, Oliver Platt, Woody Harelson (scene stealer of the year), and Danny Glover.

Visually the movie is stunning with some oscar worthy f/x. There is some great sound and pretty good song from from that guy from American Idol. While the first two thirds are exciting and it seems like Emmerich has "regained his footing", then comes a third act which i felt that couldve been a lot better considering it's overlong length time of 2 1/2. hours. Cut at least a half hour and end the movie with some punch and originality. Emmerich pretty much takes the ending from "The Day after Tommorow" and throws this in as the ending. I wanted a ending more on the bleaker side considering the movie deplicts the end of the world. "2012" is an highly entertaining film with some of the best disaser scenes you'll see and contains a likeable cast with some solid performances. I say enjoy for what it accomplishes and not for what it doesnt accomplish. Dont look forward to Emmerich taking a step up in the story and character department like he did so well with "Independence Day".

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