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Edward Scissorhands

Stunning Tim Burton Masterpiece.
mdtinney - wrote on 10/12/09

This film just leaves me breathless every time I watch it. It's visually stunning, Tim Burton merges beauty and hideousness to create one of the most incredible films visually. The Suburbia is neat and tidy looking, but is actually quite ugly when you look at it, whereas Edward and the castle on the hill at first glance looks dark and horrific, but Burton has captured so much beauty in something you would not expect to find it.

Besides being beautiful to look at, the story is so heartbreaking and wonderful; it's telling the popular story of an outcast in a truly unique way. Edward, looking something out of a horror film is actually the most gentle and sweet creature, whereas the majority of the 'normal' suburbanites are the monsters.

Johnny Depp is on top form as Edward and conveys so much emotion in a look. His performance is perfection and no one could else could have played Edward with such conviction.

Edward Scissorhands is timeless, and will remain a classic. Burton and Depp have worked together 4 times since this film, but have never come close to creating such a memorable and beautiful film as this. Many will argue that the superb Ed Wood is a better film than Edward Scissorhands, but Scissorhands leaves you with a feeling you can't explain or shift for days after viewing it. Although Ed Wood is indeed a fantastic piece of cinema, it doesn't quite leave such an impact that Edward Scissorhands does.

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