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Good Will Hunting

Excellent Screenplay!!
mdtinney - wrote on 08/01/09

I loved this movie. I absolutely loved it. I was fascinated by every single aspect of it. Sure, the plot wasn't the most realistic, but who cares? Movies are entertainment, and that's all. The profanity was not that excessive if you spend any time at all with many lower to middle-class people around the age of the characters. In fact, it was downright realistic. As for the acting, it was wonderful watching Damon portray this character who has to struggle with what he thinks he wants, what he is told he should want, and what he finally realizes he really wants. No, I don't think it was the best performance of the year, but it was definitely one of the top five and worthy of a Best Actor nomination. The chemistry between him and Minnie Driver was electric, particularly during their first date and again in the scene in her apartment before he leaves. Robin Williams, in my opinion, delivers his best performance. Sure, it's the typical Williams-drama character from Dead Poets Society and the like, but this character was better with the mental games and interactions with Will. The best part of this movie was watching the relationship develop between Will and Sean. This wasn't an epic movie, nothing too profound, but it was a small movie about love, relationships, and finding yourself, and in this capacity I think it was wonderful.

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